• Hemispheric Holding Company, L.L.C.

    • Hemispheric Holding Company, L.L.C is a diversified holding company incorporated in the State of Florida, U.S.A., with ample connections to insurance and reinsurance markets worldwide, particularly in the United States and Europe.

      The operations of the Holding Company are conducted through its various interdependent subsidiaries, Hemispheric Reinsurance Group L.L.C., Hemispheric Underwriting Managers L.L.C. The Company offers a full spectrum of professional expertise and reinsurance knowledge through its core business line team, specialized in providing its clients with optimal reinsurance solutions to fit their needs.

    John H. Blake and Company Shareholders Creator and Founder of Hemispheric Reinsurance Group, LLC.

  • Hemispheric Reinsurance Group, L.L.C.

    Open Market Broking Program Development

    • Hemispheric Reinsurance Group is a diversified reinsurance service firm dedicated to developing reinsurance solutions for its clients in the Latin American Region.

      Lines of business which we service include specialty, standard line of business as well as the non-standard, non-classical products allowing our clients and business partners to generate profitable results.

      Although Hemispheric Reinsurance Group, L.L.C has the ability to place traditional, classic, Property, Casualty and Financial business lines, we specialize in nonstandard placements such as, but not limited to, Bloodstock, Agricultural, Sports Accident lines, in addition to helping our clients place the complex Property Coverage. It is our goal to provide our clients with optimum solutions and provide reinsurance capacity, including new lines of business which were not considered in the past to enhance coverage of our clients assets and financial protection to their corporate core business and operations.

      The Group, which is highly result oriented, striving to provide its clients with the highest standard of integrity and service.

    Alvaro J. Gabaldon
    Managing Director

  • Hemispheric Underwriting Managers, L.L.C.

    Facility and Binding Authority Underwriting

    • Hemispheric Underwriting Managers (HUM) is the member company of the group dedicated exclusively to the development of our managing general agency business. HUM is dedicated to providing innovating capacity, risk transfer and management solutions to its Latin-American client and business partners.

      HUM together with its specialty capacity providers, seeks to position itself in those underwriting sectors which we believe offers viable long-term returns. With custom designed underwriting and accounting infrastructure together with the very best underwriting talent available.

      HUM continues to provide facultative reinsurance underwriting capacity for specialty General Liability markets. Today, HUM is positioning to enter other specialty market segments (i.e. Industrial Property, Specialty Energy and Construction) where our unique approach offers opportunities to expand our offering of facilities to our business partners and clients.

    Alvaro J Gabaldon
    Managing Director

    Nitza Rivera
    Accounting and Administration


Hemispheric Holding Company, L.L.C.
255 Alhambra Circle, Suite 690
Miami, FL 33134

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